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Gary Cotton Construction and Painting

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Decorative / Faux Painting Houston TX

Gary Cotton Construction and Painting’s painting staff has not only learned the specialized techniques for most of the styles of decorative painting - they have natural talent. This cannot be taught, you have it or you don’t. And our staff has it. Our staff has won several awards in fine arts and in commercial arts over the years. They have not only studied in college they have traveled across the United States taking lessons from who we consider ‘Master Artists’ such as Mike Hoppe, Nicola Vigini, Sean Crosby, Jeff Raum, William Cochran, and Barth White to just name a few. Our staff members are also renowned throughout Orange County and Los Angeles County as some of the best decorative painters in the region! Whatever your Decorative Painting needs are we are sure our trained staff can provide exceptional art on your interior walls, columns, furniture, molding, block walls, external walls, or any other surface that you may want us to paint on.  

We call Decorative Paint Finishes seamless wall paper that does not peel off. What ever you see in wall paper we can usually duplicate it with paint. Decorative Paint Finishes adds a personal touch to your store, office, or home. If all you are interested in is learning some techniques, we can teach you. Call us for the details. All of our work is custom and is tailored to your specifications. If you desire a special Decorative Paint Finish call on us; we a ready to provide you with a bid!

The following are different Decorative Paint Finishes that we use:

Venetian plaster or Venetian Stucco was popular in the ancient world and is still sought after throughout the world. Venetian plaster creates such classic beauty. It is very different than other types of decorative painting because we use multi-layers of highly polished tinted colors. Unlike other types of finishes, it is amazingly smooth to the touch.

Stenciling is a form of decorative painting as well. We have several stencils or we can create a custom one for you. The stencil can provide an accurate repetition of a certain pattern or lettering or it can be used once. Sometimes we use stencils in our murals to keep costs down. We also offer hand-stenciling something like a scroll above your door or cabinet.

Patina, Glazing, or Lacquering is usually a clear medium that is mixed with paint so you can work the paint longer. It also acts as a sealer like enamel paint so it is not as easy to wash off like traditional flat paints.

Antiquing is the process of artificially aging with paint or stains. It could be dark or light, in cracks and corners or all over the object you are painting.

Crackle-Glaze imitates old peeling paint or crazing of very old varnish. You can have fine cracks or larger cracks.

Dragging is a process that creates vertical irregular lines as if the soft texture was broken away due to water or lime damage. The wall looks distressed and older. In real life you would see this on the outside of an old Italian building where the street water and/or rain splashed onto the lower part of a wall or below a window showing damage and streaking it over time. However, in Decorative painting this technique is often seen inside.

Stippling is a technique that softens the affect.

Ragging is one of our favorites because it is fast and looks good.

Colorwash is an older technique and it is just what it sounds like. This was more popular in the 80’s but we still get orders fro this technique mostly on cabinet doors and drawers.

Sponging is a popular technique. We uses sponging on lots of our techniques to get a special look.

Bagging is also another one of our favorite techniques. It is quick and gives a unique look.

Splattering can be applied over any decorative painting techniques. You use a tooth brush or stiff paint brush and flicker tiny dots of color over dry paint.

Metallic Finishes or Verdi Gris is the color that old weathered copper or bronze turns with age.

Wood Graining is the art of making something look like wood (faux wood).

Marble, Stone, or Tile is the art of faux / making paint look like marble, stone, or tile.

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